Tyler Skowronski

Founder HIIT Team Outdoors

     After a number of years pursuing fair chase whitetail, turkey and freshwater fish his creativity collided with his first passion, the outdoors. He developed HIIT to bring together friends and family, and has now connected thousands of avid outdoorsmen. HIIT is not just a company to Tyler; its a way to give back, a way to empower youth and connect sportsmen everywhere.     

            There isn't an endeavor Tyler wouldn't try and as each day passes he continues to develop his abilities. Learning to call waterfowl or honing his turkey yelps, hitting the range with his bow or walking a brush line with his camera he is always finding new ways to immerse himself in nature.     

         From a very young age Tyler understood the hunt had never been about the kill. In fact he makes a point to take a moment and pay his respects during the excitement of each harvest never forgetting each one is a blessing. HIIT promotes the fundamental enjoyment of the outdoors, and if Skowronski has his way, everyone will be HIITing their mark this season.